Across the Bay 12K Race Review

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 3.54.30 PMYou know that tempo run or track workout you’ve been “meaning to do” for dayssss now, but every other little thing just keeps getting in the way? Yeah, that’s been me with this race recap. But I’ve finally laced up my blogging shoelaces, so to speak, and am here to tell you all about my most recent race – the Across the Bay 12K.

Hosted by Represent Running, this is the second race in the Run the Bay series, the first of which (the San Jose 408K) I ran and wrote about back in March. This race, like the name implies, is a 12K (about 7.5 miles) that starts in Sausalito, spans across the Golden Gate Bridge and along Crissy Field, and ends at Aquatic Park in San Francisco.

The race begins with a big ol’ uphill to get up to the bridge, but it was actually ideal, as it spaced the crowds out. After that, it was pretty flat or downhill until the very end at which there was one final climb up Fort Mason, then a glorious decline that took you straight to the finish line. And best of all, YOU GET TO RUN ACROSS THE GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE!FullSizeRender 2FullSizeRender 3I ran this race with my boyfriend Michel (thanks for being so supportive of my running passion!). Since the race was a point-to-point, there were buses organized to take us from the finish line to the start line. We arrived a bit late, but after a short warm-up and a quick photo we eagerly jumped in with the third wave of runners and crossed the start line.

I have to say, the weather couldn’t have been more beautiful the day of this race. There wasn’t a bit of fog in sight, and a bunch of whales were even spotted right by the bridge (to cheer us on, obviously).FullSizeRender 4Michel and I ran the race together, which was great. With nice weather and someone to talk to and laugh with while you’re running, the course is incredibly enjoyable and the time just flies by. We didn’t run for time, but sometimes you just have to go with the flow and enjoy the experience without being competitive. And take lots of running selfies…IMG_4454 2
After we ran past Crissy Field, along Marina Green, and up that annoying Fort Mason Hill, we descended into Aquatic Park and sprinted to the finish line to be rewarded with 49ers-inspired medals, water, and bags of snacks. And tons of sunshine.
FullSizeRender 5
I truly enjoyed this race and would recommend it to anyone who has completed a 5K or 10K and wants something a little longer in distance before taking on a half marathon. I’m already excited to run it again next year.
Why I Enjoyed the Across the Bay 12K:

  1. I said this already but…you get to run across the Golden Gate Bridge! Even better, you get to run along the side that is normally reserved for bicyclists, so you get a different, refreshing view. This was one of the most beautiful courses I’ve ever ran.
  2. The organizer, Represent Running, did a great job of spacing the waves. I was worried there would be some serious bottlenecking on the bridge, but there was none due to 15 minute time differences in corral start times, as well as that big hill at the beginning of the run.
  3. There were tons of photographers along the course – more than I’ve ever seen at a race – and lots of great photo opps.
  4. Finishers received a sweet medal (seen above) and a great Under Armour shirt designed by San Franpsycho.
  5. All of the food items in the finisher’s bag were gluten-free! Oh, and there were free popsicles provided during the post-race festivities.
  6. If you don’t want to run the 12K, there is also a 5K option that keeps you within the San Francisco city limits.
  7. Oh, and how cool is the artwork on the sign below? Little touches like this really show that the organizers tried hard to make this a great experience overall.

Tips for Next Year:

  1. If possible, carpool or get dropped off at the bus loading zone before the race by a non-running friend. We had a semi-challenging time finding parking nearby.
  2. Get there early. We waited a while to get on a bus to shuttle us from the finish line to the start line and missed the beginning of the wave we should have started with.

FullSizeRender 6Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 7.45.10 PM
To round out the day, Michel and I went to church nearby, then had a decadent picnic of gluten-free beer and sandwiches at Lake Merritt in Oakland while we listened to the Oakland Municipal Band play calypso music. It was perfect.

If you want to check out the next race organized by Represent Running, check out the Let’s Go 510K, which is on October 9th, 2016 in the East Bay.

PLUS, if you’re interested in signing up for it, use REPRESENT2016ML to get 10% off registration.





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