Running & Drawing with the Nike+ App

The solution to running route boredom has presented itself to me in the shape of a stripper sliding down Sunset Blvd..

stripper Nike+
Picture: @clairewyckoff

Have you heard the buzz about the woman who uses her love of all things funny and phallic to run across San Francisco?

Claire Wyckoff uses the Nike+ running app to draw aerial doodles of Atari Space Invaders, corgis and even penises. She then posts her masterpieces to her Tumblr along with hilarious captions.

space invader
Picture: @clairewyckoff

My personal favorite? Slimer from Ghostbusters spanning the East side of Golden Gate Park.

slimer running app
Picture: @clairewyckoff

Without a little creativity, trying to get mid-long runs in around a city can be a challenge. Personally, I can only run around Lake Merritt so many times before wanting to give everything up and stop at The Boat House for drinks instead. 

Kudos to this running pioneer who probably just inspired a whole lot of people (including myself) to make their runs a little more fun. Maybe our friends will actually look forward to seeing our 10-milers in their Facebook and Twitter feeds if they are shaped like a giant game of PacMan? 

All I know is that I’ve never been so excited to try out a new running route this week. 

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