Holiday Exercise Tips | How to Stay in Shape While Traveling

Whether you’re going home for the holidays, or evading the end-of-year craziness by taking off on a December getaway trip, you don’t have to give up exercising just because you’re traveling.

Cook Slow Run Fast Running Around Washington DC and standing in front of the Washington Memorial
Exploring the National Mall in Washington D.C. last winter
If you’re like me, you love to be in new places and/or visit family, but you still want to keep your fitness routine going while not near your home gym. I’m one of those people who after missing more than three two days of working out finds it extremely hard to hop back on the gym train. So fitting in workouts when I’m traveling is a must-do, especially because my travel planslike any good food loveralways include partaking in the many delicious eats and drinks of a new place and/or home.


Here are some of my favorite ways to workout and stay active while traveling:


Go on a Run
Explore your new surroundings or, if home for the holidays, revisit your old stomping ground with renewed perspective. Use Map My Fitness to find a nearby route, find a park to jog in, or create your own urban running tour around downtown. Wherever you jog, you’re bound to learn something new about your surroundings, get your bearings, burn some good calories, and *fingers crossed* encounter some great photo opps.


Do a Bodyweight Workout
No gym? No problem. Dig into some burpees, jump squats, switch lunges, and push-ups to get your heart rate up and work yo’ muscles. Here are some of my favorite bodyweight workouts.


Check Out a Local Studio
Use ClassPass or Yelp to find a nearby yoga, pilates, or spin studio. Meet some locals, get a vibe for the local community, and have a fun time working out in a new place. Also, some studios also offer your first class free, so if something catches your eye, dive in and try it out!


Walk It Out
Take a walk rather than hail an Uber, go on a walking sightseeing tour with your family, and enjoy the company of others while hitting your 10,000 step daily walking goal.


What are your favorite ways to stay in shape while traveling?


Happy travels and happy sweating!

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